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Where can I register an account?
 Please go to the Signup section. After submitting signup form, you will receive a confirmation email shortly. If you have difficulties to process this registration, please Contact us.
Do I need to create an account to purchase QualityIps license?
 Yes. To purchase a QualityIps database license, you must create an account. Registering an account is absolutely Free. Register today.
Do I have to pay anything to join?
 Not at all. The registration process does not require any payment. You will make a payment only when you decide to purchase a QualityIps license or the updates.
Where can I login?
 Please go to Login section. Login here.
How can I add another domain?
 To install QualityIps database to another domaine, simply use the installer and follow the installation steps. When you complete a payment for the domain, the domain appears on Statistic section of your member area.
What is Premium account?
 Premium accounts receive special service. When an IP address comes into your site and the IP address was not in your QualityIps database, the IP address will pass as an Unknown IP address. If you have premium service account, the script corrects those unknown IP addresses from your site and they will be added to the database during the next update. (if an IP address does not exist in your database recode during the query happening to the database when the IP address access your site, script sends the IP address(es) to QualityIps. QualityIps will examine it and your site will an update with the IP address(es) which were sent from your site.)
By having this service, your site will use the database which has more IP addresses coming especially to your site.
How can I delete my account from your system?
 Please Contact us to terminate your account.
What Payment Methods you accept?
 At Present, we accept payment by PayPal, Egold, and major CreditCard (service provided by 2CO.com). To make a deposit, login your account and click 'Make a Deposit' in member menu.
I made a payment to deposit into my account. But it does not show up in my account balance. Why?
 Your deposit may be posted within 24 hours. The reason why it may not be credited into your account right way is that we need to verify the money transaction with payment processor site. With Credit Card payment, we sometimes have to wait 2Checkout.com's confirmation and it may take much longer than PayPal or eGold.

What is the site license?
 QualityIps databases are intellectual property of EvisionDeliver, Inc. To use this database at your end, it is required to purchase the license of use. QualityIps databases are licensed products. You are not allowed to resell or modify it under any circumstances. Please refer to license agreement for more details.
How many IP addresses are in your database? How many countries are included?
 Please see our 'current database statistic' page. Each database version displays the real time statistic.
What is the difference among database versions?
 Each database version covers different countries. You may choose one which fits your needs. To find all details of database versions, please go to Current database statistic.
What are "isAOL" address entries?
 All IP addresses which are provided by AOL are marked as isAOL.
What are "isProxy" address entries?
 We test ports (80,1080,2301,3127,3124,6588,8000,8080) if any of those indicates as Open Proxies, the IP address is marked as isProxy. Generally, many fraud clicks are sent from those Open Proxy IP addresses, it is better to block those.
What are "Dynamic" IP address entries?
 These are IP addresses separated in Dynamic or Static. A Dynamic Ip address provides a stable and private address per user. A Static address would provide different IP addresses every time you connect to the internet such as a dial-up connection.
What are "Black listed" IP address entries?
 Those IP addresses are in several major Blacklist databases. They have been used for Spam, hacking, and other illegal usages.
What are "White listed" IP address entries?
 You can create your white list. White list is an EMPTY text file, and you can simply insert IP address(es) you want to give permission to access without blocking by QualityIps. Any IP addresses listed in this White list text file will pass.
What are "Fake" IP address entries?
 An IP address has default format. 4 Groups and each section should have value 1~255. Example: If you see like, that cannot be exist as valid IP address. Also it includes IP address which have valid format but not in use (locating nowhere, which means generated by script)This kinds of fake IP addresses are normally generated by a script and it is better to block .
What are "Private" IP address entries?
 Private Ip addresses are separated from public and it is used for Local network. Example 192.168.0.XXX. This kind of private IP address cannot be an active IP address through the internet. Therefore, it is better to block these IPs.
What are "Bot" IP address entries?
 Bot Ip addresses are located on standard web servers and hosting accounts. Those IP addresses are tested by hostname and marked as isBot. A standard web server and hosting company could not be a ISP server, therefore, it is better to block these Ips.
What are "Ougo" IP address entries?
 Ougo Ip addresses have been deducted by Ougo browser visits. Ougo browser is one of the web browsers and it allows the users to setup sites and browser click links in the pages automatically. Though selecting the IP addresses used by Ougo browsers, QualityIps is able to detect and block the browser.
And, QualityIps can detect and block Ougo browser clicks if it directly accesses to the site even if the IP addresses is not in database.
This database is extremely helpful to protect from click fraud which looks like a human click by Ougo browser.
Which countries are included in the "EU" Europe entries?
 Please visit the Current database statistic page to find what countries are included in the EU section.
My site does not use MySql database but it uses CGI script(or other types of system). Can I still integrate QualityIps database into my site?
 Yes, you can. QualityIps does not require cooperating with a system or script. It is a binary format database and you can install the QualityIps database on the server and manage IP addresses filtering by inserting a few lines into your web page file. Go to instruction in your member area to find more information.
I manage PTR(Paid to read) site. Can I integrate QualityIps into my script?
 Yes, you can. QualityIps actually does not need to have a relationship with your script. Therefore, you can simply insert a few lines into index.php and QualityIps can block the IP addresses you want.
How much is the database size?
 That depends on the database version. Please go to Current database statistic for more information.
How do you keep the database size so small?
 Our IP databases are grouped by 1 to 255 ranges, special formatted, compressed and Binary packed, which reduces it to 1/10 of the normal text size.

Do I need to update database?
 It is not required. However, IP addresses used by Fraud clickers are changing and increasing everyday and it is recommended to have the latest database to protect your site. Weekly update is recommended.
Can I change the domain name to my QualityIps license?
 No. Once you install the QualityIps database for a domain, it is locked and you cannot change the domain name. To install QualityIps on different domains, you will have to purchase another license key.
Can I change database package type of active domain?
 No. you cannot change the database package yourself. If you want to change the database package type of an existing license, please Contact us. Example: you are using database version1 with yoursite.com, but you want to change to database version4 for yoursite.com. In this case, you will need to contact us
How often is the database updated?
 QualityIps databases themselves are updated every day. It is up to you how often you want to download the update. QualityIps recommends updating weekly because the database may increase 10,000 ip addresses in one day. You can also receive database update news.
Are updates provided as self-contained databases or do you just provide the updated differences?
 If you purchase an update package, it updates the entire database.
How are those database updates provided?
 When there is an new update available, you will find a link in the member area (like [update latest build#xxx] ). Simply click the link, and the update will be completed instantly. Note: you must have available balance in your account to purchase an update.
How often do I have to purchase updates?
 QualityIps recommends updating weekly because the database may increase 10,000 ip addresses in one day. It is up to you how often you want to download the update. If you want to keep the latest and freshest database for your business, you may need to update daily basis since those fraudulent IP addresses increase daily basis. QualityIps recommends updating your database weekly. You will be charged for each database update.
How are updates provided? Can I automate updates?
 Updates are provided by manual and automated downloads into your server. Please go to member area and read the instruction under how to update databases.
What happens if an IP address visiting my site is not included in QualityIps database?
 QualityIps cannot cover all IP addresses on the internet, simply examining all IP addresses in the world is impossible. That is why QualityIps corrects most commonly used IP addresses in the online advertising industry and by the Fraud clickers.
If you upgrade to Premium Account, we do specially test for those missing IP addresses visited your site and add them into your database after examination.
How can I get technical support?
 We provide technical support through our Online Support Center. Most of technically support is free of charge unless it requires special scripting to implement databases into your site.

I purchased a QualityIps database. What is the first thing to do?
 For our partner's scripts (QualityPPC and JumboFeed) and some selected popular scripts, we have prepared an easy installation process. Other installation types are also instructed in member area. If you have difficulties to implement QualityIps into your site, please Contact us.
How can I block access from specific countries to my website?
 Please go to Instruction how to manage valid/invalid range to each IP categories available on Database Tool in member area. Click here to go instruction page.
Where can I get a conversion chart of region codes to names?
 Please visit the Country code Conversion chart section.

Do I need to purchase database?
 You do not buy a database but you need to purchase the license to use the QualityIps database.
How can I purchase a QualityIps's database license?
 Please create an account. After that, you will be able to download Database installer and the installer allows you to process purchasing and installing of a database.
I have more than 2 web sites which I want to use QualityIps database. I would like to use QualityIps on xyz.com, xyz.ca, xyz.biz. Do I need more than one site license?
 Yes. To install database on 2 domains, you will need to purchase 2 licenses. You cannot copy existing database to another domain. It is locked and won't work.
We are a hosting provider and have a license to one of your QualityIps databases, can we install it on the different servers that we provide to our hosting clients?
 No. QualityIps database license is designed to work with a domain name only.
I would like to use the QualityIps data to power a web log/analytics tool that I provide to my clients. Is this allowed with just one site license?
 You may provide such tool to your client as long as you do not violate to the license agreement and attach and display "Powered by QualityIps" logo on the tool section. A QualityIps database will work with a SINGLE domain name which you purchased the license from QualityIps.com, you may not attach to your own application and sell it, it is prohibited to attach QualityIps databases to your own script or software for sale. You may prepare it as a Plug-in. However, in any cases, when your client who purchased the plug-in will need to purchase license from us directly. You may earn commissions per your clients if they purchase license as your referral.
Please refer to the license agreement for further details.
I would like to setup a website where my clients can enter a IP address and get the IP information back. From reading the license agreement, it seems that this would not be allowed. However, I have seen other sites do this. How can I do this too?
 You may setup such a web page as long as you do not violate the license agreement and attach and display "Powered by QualityIps" logo on the tool section. Please refer to the license agreement for further details.

Do you have an affiliate program to refer others to your service?
 Yes, we do. When your direct referrals purchase a database license, you will receive a credit of 10% of the license price. Update purchases do not apply to credit. The credits can be used to purchase license and update, or you can request payout. All payout requests will be processed within 30days of the request.
QualityIps database did not work for improve my site's traffic quality. Can you refund the money I paid for?
 No, we cannot. The database is already installed on your site by completing the database installation. There is no refund for your purchase if teh installation is completed. Please have any question before purchasing license.
Do you offer Partner, Resellers, Private Label Relationships or co-branded so that I can sell your service through my network.
 If you are interested in partnership, please Contact us.
I am interested in to start my PPC search Engine with QualityIps database. How can I start my Search Engine?
 Please go to Our Network information page. You will find PPC search engine script information which is ready to use QualityIps database.
I still have a question, whom can I contact?
 You may submit the Contact form or submit support ticket from the Support center.

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