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Today, Pay-Per-Click Search Engine is one of the most popular online advertising. Starting a PPC search engine business is not too difficult and any individual or business can do it. However, the Search Engine industry has been struggling with raising the quality of click fraud protection.

QualityIps thinks that the QUALITY of click fraud protection will be the key of a successful Search Engine business. By offering better click fraud protection, you would attract more advertisers who are spending their hard cash on every single click, you would have a higher bid value offered by your upstream feed providers, and you will survive with Search Engin Industry. In other words, having poor fraud protections or not even considering protection limits your success and could eventually cause a downfall.

By installing QualityIps database into your site, it can protect from most of the click fraud.
To be the PPC search engine with best quality of traffic, use QualityIps’ service and database -- starting today!

PPC industry market estimates that the fraud click could be as high as 20%~30% of all clicks. Most of those are caused by people who are with a vested interest using software that clicks on the ad hundreds or thousands of times to either drain the advertising budget, or create revenue for the seller of the ad space. And the money of advertisers would be spent on the clicks which would never bring benefit. You have to protect your advertisers from those professional fraud click users (Learn more)
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